Presumably, you are searching for an African grey parrot for sale. However, you do not have clarity yet on how to approach it. Whilst you may still know how to do the search. Pertinently, there are a good few key factors to consider before you begin your search to purchase an African grey parrot. For instance, choosing an elite breeder, price, maintenance cost, toys and accessories, basic-care guide and aftercare service, genetics, and dietary information like parrot seed and pellets.

Essentially, you must consider these key factors before searching for an African grey parrot. So, we will expatiate on these key factors in a moment. Meanwhile, we have that in-demand discount and convenient payment plan for our African grey parrot for sale. In addition, click here to learn more about our in-demand discount and payment plan.

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Why Is This Important When Searching for an African Grey Parrot for Sale?

First of all, it’s important to examine the African grey parrot and its history, just so you have a better understanding.
Notably, as on NatGeo, the African grey is native to rainforests of central Africa. Clearly ranging in a band across the continent from Côte d’Ivoire to western Kenya. Evidently, the largest African grey species in Africa has silver feathers, a white mask, and a bright, reddish tail. Understandably, males and females are very similar in appearance.

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Apparently, an African grey parrot is an intelligently ideal pet especially if you are a first-time avian pet owner. Although buying an African grey may be an exhilarating experience, especially if it is your first time buying. However, you must do your due diligence, to ensure your safety. Regardless of whether you are searching locally for a grey parrot for sale near me, the aforementioned key factors must be checked out.
Now, without delay, let’s examine the key factors to consider when buying an African grey parrot for sale.

What is so Unique about African Grey Parrots?

As learned from, African Grey Parrots are widely examined to be the most intelligent. They are also widely considered as the most charming, and brilliant mimicking and talking birds among the entire parrot family. As a result of their stunning abilities to mimic sounds and talk, they enjoy quite a reputation among bird lovers.
Considered to be great companions, these parrots are smart, top-talkers, and take the full attention of any avian pet lover.
African Grey Parrots are not just any pet that can be left on their own. As an owner, you need to spend a considerable amount of time with them since they seek attention, care, and love. Unlike any other parrot species. African Greys are highly sensitive as well as a bit demanding. Due to their sensitivity, they require great care. Even the slightest changes in their daily routine lead to their behavioral issues.

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How much is an African Grey Parrot for Sale?

In essence, African greys are the most popular avian pet as a result of their mimicking ability of human speeches, intelligence, sociable nature as well as their entertainment prowess. Axiomatically, a US-based avian pet lover may ask; how much does a grey parrot cost in the US?
The price of an African grey parrot for sale varies depending on the African grey breeder. Moreover, breeders would charge variant prices for distinct reasons.

Popularly, it’s readily believed that the higher the price of an African grey parrot, the more quality it has, and vice versa. Partially, this may be true because most African grey breeder who charges high often take proper care of their parrots.
On average, the price of an African grey parrot ranges from $1000 to $4,500 on a high, and $600 to $800 on a low.

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Why are African Greys so Expensive?

Searching to buy an African grey parrot for sale, but think it’s too expensive? Your guess is right!
Primarily, an African grey could be more expensive than another based on the breeder. Notably, buying one from an elite breeder will be more expensive than buying one from an average breeder. Literally, this is because an elite breeder invests in research and DNA testing in their breeding program. Normally, these are generally expensive to carry out.
Furthermore, buying a parrot from a pet store would be more expensive. Whereas, getting one from an owner looking to rehome theirs would be less expensive.
Nonetheless, we would cover more detail on how to identify an elite reputable breeder.

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What are the Factors that Influence the Price of African Grey Parrots

Now, let’s examine the respective factors that influence the price of an African grey parrot. Firstly, it’s crucial to note down these points when in search of an African grey parrot for sale. Moreover, it will guide your search and permit you to make an informed buying decision.
First and foremost, an African grey parrot is a lifelong commitment. Literally, you will have your parrot for at least 25 years, or more. So, your commitment to look after your grey parrot is very important.

Now, let’s look into these factors.

Breeding Program

Irrefutably, the Breeder’s breeding program is the prime influence on the price of African grey parrots. For instance, an elite breeder whose breeding program is rooted in research, DNA testing, and development of the species. First of all, executing all that that is costly. Axiomatically, such an elite breeder would charge more for their parrots. Contrariwise, an average breeder without such sophistication would charge less for theirs. Mindful of the less cost incurred in running their average breeding program.

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Breeder Reputation

An elite breeder with an incredible reputation and track record will undoubtedly charge more. Moreover, their breeding reputation has earned them credibility over time. Usually, they have the privilege to capitalize on that. Obviously, that will mean charging a higher price for their African grey parrot. Also, they always have avian pet lovers on their waiting list willing to buy, regardless of the price of the parrot. Furthermore, elite and reputable breeders are very picky with whom they allow to get their African grey parrots. For instance, you could afford the parrot, but they may not consider you an ideal fit for the said parrot.


Age also has a huge influence on the price of an African grey parrot. For instance, a featherless baby African grey would certainly be less expensive, however, it’d require enormous initial baby parrot care. Inversely, a young African grey capable of consuming adult food would be way more expensive. Paradoxically, beyond a particular age, the older the parrot gets, the cheaper its price. Basically, most avian pet parents prefer buying a younger parrot. One they can start creating beautiful, loving bonds, and memories right from a young age.


Just like age, training plays an even more major role in influencing the price of an African grey parrot. Consider a hand-raised parrot that is well-tamed, cuddly and cage-trained. In addition, can understand a few words, can mimic them, and perform an action to let you know their need for your attention. Logically, a parrot with such levels of training, performance, and intelligence would normally command a higher price. As opposed to one without.
Moreover, training an African grey parrot for sale is an enormously demanding task. Commonly, it’s the elite breeders who embrace the task by setting impeccable standards. Hence, the higher price tag on their African grey parrot for sale.

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As humans, it’s an existential truism that we easily gravitate towards good looks. Interestingly, that also applies to African grey parrots. So, a healthily good-looking and beautiful, free from blemishes an African grey parrot would cost more. Evidently, the price varies based on how pleasant and desirable the bird’s features and attributes are.
Simply put, the more physically attractive and pretty an African grey parrot is, the higher the price tends to be.


Subtly, genetics affects the price of an African grey parrot. Financially, elite breeders hugely invest in DNA research and testing, which constitutes additional costs in their breeding programs. Basically, it’s through DNA testing that one can truly know the genetic lineage. In Addition, it indicates the subspecies(Congo and Timneh). Mindful of all that, one can clearly understand how genetics affects the price of an African grey parrot.

Location of Purchase

Above all, location hugely influences the price of an African grey parrot. In economics, proximity reduces cost. The African grey parrot isn’t an exception to that economic rule. The location from where one purchases the bird influences its price to a lesser or greater extent. For those residing in Central and Western Africa, who generally consider it a native bird, the price is relatively lower. For those in America with the country’s laws and regulations related to registration, licensing, and purchase, the price becomes higher. Also, it’s expensive buying from an out-of-state breeder, which includes shipping fees and other incurred expenses.

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Where to Find an African Grey Parrot for Sale

Before, classified websites were the ideal go-to place to find an African grey parrot for sale when searching online. However, the growth and evolution of search engines like Google and Bing have changed the dynamics. Furthermore, the advent of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram constitutes new ways to buy a grey parrot. Practically, these platforms have all made it even easier to search online for an African grey parrot for sale.
Today, with a simple search like “African grey parrots for sale near me”(which is a more specific search). You would find a variety of local search results. In case you can’t find any grey parrots near you, you could also search for an “African grey parrot for sale.” Which is a broader search.
Furthermore, it could also be through a referral. For instance, making inquiries from friends and family. Surprisingly, they could refer you to a reliable African grey breeder.

Now, let’s examine the various methods of searching for an African grey parrot for sale.

Social Media

Social media has evolved into a powerfully complex media space used for more than just interacting with friends and family. For instance, on Facebook, just by doing a random Facebook search such as; African grey parrot for sale. You would be able to find some African grey breeders. Not to mention the numerous interactive and ethical African grey community groups you could join. However, precaution should be primary because there are untrustworthy breeders on Facebook since anyone can put up a fraudulent post.
Similarly, on Instagram, you can find an African grey for sale by using hashtags or carrying out a quick search.

Search Engines

A quick search on search engines like Bing and would provide you with search results on African grey breeders. Thereon, you may make inquiries and contacts with them. Depending on the options available, you may either agree to have the parrot shipped to you. Furthermore, you may visit the breeder facility. and meet the breeder and African grey birds in person. Similarly, it is necessary to do your proper research. Contact as many breeders as you possibly can until you find one with whom you sense interrelatedness and cohesion.


Classifieds might not be the big players in the game of online search like before. But, there are still a few functional classifieds you can visit when searching for African grey parrots for sale. Funny it may sound, but Craigslist is still the most popular classifieds still available. Nevertheless, the risk involved in buying an African grey bird from Craigslist is unsuitable, and it’s not worth a try. Personally, I’d seldom recommend it to anyone who is looking for a parrot. It’s been consistently known for over a decade to firm habor for fake African grey parrot breeders. Literally, it is outrightly an untrustworthy place to look for a parrot.
Overall, there are still many classifieds, but the one that earns my recommendation is Hoobly Classifieds.


Besides, Bing and Google, referrals are by a country mile the most viable option for you. A huge amount of African grey lovers have gotten their respective parrots from us by virtue of referrals. It is necessary to ask friends and family if they are aware of any breeder they can refer you to. Someone we know probably knows someone who has something we are looking for, isn’t it? Referrals come with ready assurance since the person referring you must have previously bought an African grey bird from them. More so, they may be aware of someone who has. You might want to inquire about their inclusive buying experience with the said breeder.

African Grey Parrots For Sale

Who To Buy An African Grey Parrot From

Presumably, you are now aware of where to go in search of an African grey parrot for sale. An even more important aspect is the conscious awareness to identify the ideal reputable breeder. Optionally, you may either get an African grey parrot from a parrot owner looking to rehome theirs, or a pet store. Now, let’s evaluate every one of these options, then, I will provide my point of view on a suitable option. Based on context.

An African Grey Breeder

Identifying an elite African grey breeder is clearly not an effortless task. Moreover, there are several key factors you must carefully examine prior to putting together your final decision. For instance, you must notice how empathic and correlative the breeder is. Also take notice of their reflexive relationship with their parrots, their attitude, and their visiting policy. More on this will be evaluated in the subsequent paragraphs.

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How Empathic and Correlative is the African grey Breeder?

Expectedly, a reputable African grey breeder needs to uphold a genuine sense of empathy. A breeder with a profound display of character and a genuine sense of compassion is one to reckon with. Essentially, they would ask you relevant questions to understand your needs. Then, see how they provide a sustainable solution that fits your needs. Above all, they give you the privilege to ask as many questions as possible.
Also, they pay close attention to you to ensure that they genuinely understand what you need. Literally, such a breeder would like to know more about you and your lifestyle. They need to make certain that they are giving out their parrot to the right fit. This is the sort of breeder from whom you should buy your African grey parrot.

The Breeder’s Attitude

What are the breeder’s nonverbal cues?

Humans have very powerful nonverbal cues and telepathic forms of communicating with each other that go unnoticed by most people. Basically, a reputable African grey breeder tends to communicate these cues via their tonality and facial expression. So, if you sharpen your sensory acuity by keenly observing the breeder’s communication. You can sense the flexibility of their mental attitude.
Notably, a breeder who is avoidant in providing concise answers to your questions. One who lacks courtesy and is quickly upset, rude, or arrogant. Notably, that’s the sort of breeder you must keep away from.

Elite Breeder's Perspective

Buying a new African grey parrot should be an exciting and gratifying experience for both the buyer and the breeder. As an African breeder, whenever I have a new bath of parrots ready, I’m usually elated. Waiting with pleasure to meet new pet parents. Just by properly communicating with someone, I could readily indicate if they would be an ideal fit or not. Other breeders wanting to rehome their African grey parrot for sale should consider this as well. It literally goes both ways.

African grey parrot for sale, post example photo.

Breeder's Relationship With Their Parrots

As a breeder, I know that I love my parrots. I really do love my African grey parrots, abundantly. I seldom quit talking about them. The way I see is that you want to go for an ethical breeder. The one who has a genuinely compassionate relationship with their parrots. Herein, I’m talking about a truly well-cultured breeder who considers their parrot as their family and pet too. Importantly, ensure you keenly observe the breeder’s relationship with their parrots. The information gather from your observation would enable you to make an informed buying decision.

Beware of Unethical Breeders and Parrot Mills

First and foremost, the African grey pet trade is profitable for breeders. So, this has indirectly made way for an upward spiral of unethical breeding and parrot mills. Commonly, there are a lot of unethical breeders who treat their parrots like a commodity.  Or some money-making living entity. Obviously, such unethical, money-making-oriented breeders are the primary operators of parrot mills.
Unapologetically, they go the length just to ensure they make the money they want. So, when that happens, they lose every interest in creating a genuine bond with their parrots. However, you want to avoid such a dishonorable breeder who will readily do anything to get their hands on your money. That outrightly violates the ethical norms of breeding an African grey parrot for sale.

My Advice as an Elite Breeder

Fundamentally, my principle is that when you do something rooted in love, you aim for the utmost best. Conversely, when your primary aim is powered by money, you lose touch with serving diligently. Apparently, some breeders have very poor diet plans for their parrots and this has adverse effects on their health. So, my impression is that a breeder must ensure they have the most effective diet plan.

Factually, living creatures are a product of what they eat and African greys are not an exception to that fact. Importantly, a breeder having an African grey parrot for sale should not mean they are they are a fit. Lastly, you must always keenly observe their relationship with their parrots.

Relative Example

Now, let’s digress for a bit and make reference to agriculture. Some farmers use highly toxic pesticides and fertilizers on their crops. Obviously, this increases output, however, all of those toxic chemicals are dangerous to human health. Inherently, such farmers have a capitalist, profit-driven mindset. Basically, they disregard the health and well-being of the consumer or the crops they grow.

Inversely, there is another cultured farmer with a character that demonstrates a genuine love for plants to a greater extent. Purposefully, he cultivates his crops for human consumption and often times shares his farm produce with family and friends. Then, he takes a greater proportion of it to the farmer’s market to sell. Predominantly, such a farmer will cultivate his crops with organic fertilizers and pesticides.

Notice this is because he genuinely cares for his plants. Moreover, his family and friends are the primary consumers of his farm produce. The identical scenario applies to the breeding of African grey parrot for sale.


Overall, for any far-looking and precautious avian pet lover looking for a cage-trained African grey parrot for sale. Importantly, you need to have it as a prime obligation to keenly observe the breeder’s relationship with their parrots. Assumably, this awareness and discipline will put you on the side of the angels when buying your African grey parrot.

Do They Offer a Health Guarantee

Ethical African grey breeders whose breeding programs are rooted in research and development pay attention to the health of their parrots. Health is an utmost priority for their breeding program. Such breeders predominantly sell their parrots with an authentically effective and lengthy health guarantee.

For instance, all my parrots come with a lifetime guarantee against proventricular dilatation disease, respiratory diseases, hypocalcemia syndrome, and circovirus. Moreover, my parrots come along with all required health records. The reason for that is that I’m fully self-assured in the competence of my breeding program. Feel free to frequently check out my “Available” page to learn more about the African grey parrot for sale, ready to go, now!

Breeder's Policy On Visits

First of all, a breeder who accepts a visit is worth your consideration. Contrarily, the conditions under which some breeders breed their parrots are horrifying, to say the very least. Consequently, their parrots fetch infections from these abysmal sanitary conditions. Obviously, such a breeder would not permit you to visit their breeding facility. In addition, this sort of breeder is not worth your time and attention.


Apparently, there are exceptions and nuances involved. Some breeders actually breed and raise their parrots in their homes. As a result, they probably may not be agreeable and comfortable opening their doors to random strangers.

Speaking for myself on the subject of visit policy. Prior to adjusting my visit policy, I used to grant visits whenever I had an African grey parrot for sale. Sadly, it got to a point wherein I realized a consistent pattern of so many people frequently visiting. The majority of them were not even pre-qualified nor willing and ready to buy. This exposed my family to an unfavorable and critical extent. It was not healthy for the baby parrots as well. Owing to the fact that their immune system isn’t yet fully developed.

In view of that fact, I only authorize visits for avian lovers and enthusiasts who have put down a deposit.  Courtesy of the waiting list. Even at that, you are only permitted to meet your parrot.

African grey parrot for sale

Should You Entirely Depend on This?

Whilst this seems an attractive option to work with. I suggest that you not be overly reliant on this alone. A breeder might authorize your request for a visit to have a closer view of their African grey parrot for sale. But in reality, they only cleaned up their breeding facility on the day of your visit. Upon your arrival, you might think that they actually breed their parrots in such incredibly hygienic conditions. Whereas in reality, they are not that hygienic. For that reason, you must leverage all the necessary key points to enable you to pick the right breeder.

Benefits of Buying From Breeder, African Grey Parrot for Sale

Obviously, when in search of an African grey parrot for sale, there are some benefits to buying from a breeder. Predominantly, you may prefer a local breeder or one from out of state. Seemingly, they both have their benefits and drawbacks. So, we will examine every one of them. Then, proceed with an effective conclusion on which could be the most ideal option for you.

Buying From a Local Breeder, African Grey Parrot For Sale Near Me

Intuitively, when searching for an African grey parrot for sale, most people prefer to limit their search nearby. However, this has its benefits and drawbacks. For beginners, who only prefer an African grey parrot for sale from a local breeder. Unfortunately, your chances of landing one are unfavorable. Assumably, you find a local breeder, but it’s still not a guarantee of buying your desired, ideal African grey parrot. Probably, the local breeder may not have the African grey parrots for sale of the highest quality. Moreover, their asking price might be exorbitantly high. What happens then?

Now, let us look into the benefits and drawbacks of narrowing your search to “African grey parrots for sale near me”.

African Grey Parrots for Sale Near Me, Benefits

  • Meeting a local breeder helps you discern whether or not the breeder is an ideal fit.
  • When buying from a local breeder, you pass on savings on gas to yourself. As opposed to driving for several hours to pick up your parrot or having to pay a shipping fee.
  • When you buy an African grey parrot in your local area, you can readily pick up the parrot. This permits you to engage and connect with the parrot prior to buying.

African Grey Parrots for Sale Near Me, Drawbacks

  • Actually, it is not every breeder you contact will readily allow you to buy their African grey parrots. Probably, for personal reasons or others unbeknown, they might not find you an ideal fit for their parrots.
  • You might find an African grey breeder near you, but their asking price is astronomically higher than you can afford. Does that imply that your whole search goes away like that?
  • Narrowing your search for an African grey parrot for sale near you restricts your chances of landing an ideal breeder. What if your ideal and desired breeder is out of state? Would that mean you would rather resolve for less when you could literally get the best?

Obviously, narrowing your search to ‘African grey parrots for sale near me ‘ has its benefits. However, you need to acknowledge that it might also not be ideal for you. So, when searching for African grey parrots near you, it is appropriate for you to have an open mind.

I have witnessed several avian pet lovers who only wanted an African grey parrot for sale near them. Conversely, after consulting and communicating with me, they perceived and recognized that I was the most suitable choice for them. More so, I have had various people come over from out of state and others to whom I shipped their parrots.

African grey parrot for sale. Example photo

Purchasing an African Grey Parrot from an Owner

Buying an African grey parrot from an owner is the most inexpensive. Inversely, it is the most unsafe and high-risk option to consider. Not to mention not knowing the parrot owner. Commonly, most parrot owners who intend to rehome their parrots often demand you pay a small rehoming fee. In most cases, you might spend approximately $300 or less. Even so, it is necessary to be aware that they are in no way, shape, or form licensed parrot breeders. Thus, the event may be somehow different.

Now, let us look into the benefits and drawbacks.


  • If your search for an African grey parrot for sale be narrowed to buying only from a parrot owner. Chances are very favorable that you would find an African grey owner locally.
  • You have a high probability of securing a relatively affordable and moderately priced African grey parrot for sale. Disbursing just barely $400 or less.
  • It could be a benevolent opportunity to make a new friend. Heaven only knows that in the process of purchasing your African grey, you might eventually make a new good friend. Who knows, it may be the experience wherein you find a life partner. We can not negate the fact that some compelling life partner and love stories have stemmed from such events.


  • It is highly probable to find an African grey parrot owner on social media or a classified website like Craigslist. They all claim to have an African grey parrot for sale. On the other hand, Craigslist and social media platforms do not quite have the reputation to protect your safety.
  • Most parrot owners will not permit you to visit their homes. Consequently, you barely have the chance to view the environment in which the parrots were raised.
  • Mindful of the fact that the parrot owner is not a reputable breeder. Chances are they may not have invested as much devotion and commitment in raising and training their parrot. Apparently, you may be spending less for the parrot. But your long-term expenditure on vet bills would not be favorable.
  • For the reason that you may not obtain a proper health guarantee. You have limited chances of ensuring the long-term health of your parrot. It is no news how important the health of your parrot is. Of course, you would ask the parrot owner about a health guarantee. Still, if they can not provide one, they may just decline you, and consider selling their parrot to someone else. That makes it a disadvantage to search for an African grey parrot for sale from an owner.

Valuable Tips on Building a Solid Search When Searching for an African Grey Parrot for Sale

Now that we have deliberated on the key factors to put into effect. Logically, when searching for an African grey parrot for sale, you desire the finest quality at the most appropriate price. For that reason, it’s important to examine the following bonus tips and guidelines.

Put Down How Much You Intend to Spend on the African Grey Parrot for Sale

Quite simply, when you have a budget limit or a fixed budget, you have clarity of where to go to and who to go to. Fairly, an average budget would range between $750 to $1,500. By this means, your probability of finding a good parrot breeder and getting a quality African grey parrot is favorable.

Much the same as buying a car or a house. Preparing a fixed amount of how much you intend to spend narrows your search volume. The impression is that you would not settle on a brand-new car with a limited budget of $4,000. Likewise, you might not choose a mansion if your budget is $50,000. So, having clarity of how much you are willing to spend on the African grey parrot for sale. That truly provides you with a jump-start.

Is Your Search for an African Grey Paarrot for Sale Narrowed to Local or Not?

Understandably, setting a radius is a prerequisite when searching locally. Above all, we have examined the benefits and drawbacks of buying an African grey parrot locally. Hopefully, that helps you make an informed decision on what to go for. Inversely, it is necessary that you maintain a flexible mind, as opposed to narrowing your search to a small radius.

African grey parrot for sale

Useful Tips on Being a Good Buyer in Your Search for an African Grey Parrot for Sale

Are you aware most reputable breeders do not have issues with parrot lovers expressing their respective interest in their parrots?

Paradoxically, reputable breeders receive several inquiries which causes a multiple-choice problem for them. Generally, it’s difficult to make a choice when one has multiple options to choose from. So, it is difficult for them to decide who buys their parrots.

Importantly, to earn the favor of the breeder, they expect you to fulfill some key factors. Such as your avian pet’s parenting attitude and temperament, your level of wholeheartedness, and even your personality traits. More on these will be examined in the subsequent passages. Also, we will converse about how to get the best price from any breeder. Hang in there!

Your Wholeheartedness to the African Grey Parrots

Practically, most reputable parrot breeders are highly observant of your wholeheartedness. Moreover, it is really hard to trick them, unless you are an exceptional actor, lol. Demonstratively, they could readily sense your zeal and enthusiasm without you even noticing. Undoubtedly, when breeders put up an African grey parrot for sale, they receive numerous inquiries. Intuitively, the question to mind is; what makes me stand out for the breeder? The impression is that there are ways you can genuinely express your wholeheartedness to the breeder.

How to Express Your Wholeheartedness

  • Every elite African grey breeder wants to ensure that their African grey parrots will be appropriately cared for. In the case where you have formerly owned or presently own an African grey parrot or other birds.  Sharing pictures, videos, and vet records with the breeder enables them to trust your worthiness to own their parrot.
  • For those who have not previously owned an African grey bird, you may as well search locally for vets. It is a bonus to let the breeder understand that you already have a vet. A competent vet to look after your African grey bird in case of any medical attention. So, in your search for an African grey parrot for sale, you need to be genuinely devoted and wholehearted.
  • While most elite breeders would traditionally provide you with information on basic care and feeding. It is also relevant to bring to the breeder’s awareness that you have actually done extensive research on your own.
  • Ensure you genuinely share as much relevant information about yourself as possible. For instance, if you have experience with an African grey bird. Maybe you know someone who owns one. In addition, give the breeder a proper overview of your present lifestyle. Then, elicit how getting an African grey parrot would make it better.

Your Pet Parenting Attitude and Temperament

Similar to how you’d like to closely observe the breeder’s temperament, they also have the need to properly observe yours. Matter of fact, your temperament is a key indicator of your avian pet parenting attitude. Which is one thing the elite African grey breeders consider. Notice that one’s temperament and pet parenting attitude are quite reflexive, and it is not something you can easily fake.

On a not-so-good day, you may be in an unresourceful state, which may make you slightly edgy. Although that is what makes you human. The need to be in your most resourceful state when interacting with the breeder can not be overemphasized. Eventually, the parrot breeder will make their judgment based on your attitude on that particular day. For that reason, it is vital to radiate as much enthusiasm as possibly.

African Grey Parrots For Sale

Before Looking for an African Grey Parrot for Sale, Prepare Your Home

Commonly, when expecting a newborn baby, what do the majority of people do? Simple! They baby-proof their home, do some repainting, furnish the baby’s room, and so on. It is an equivalent scenario when expecting a new African grey pet. Prior to your search for an African grey parrot for sale.

You obviously want to make certain that you make your home as pet-receptive and conducive as possible. You have the need to purchase some fundamental items like a cage, toys, food, and so on. Think of a scenario wherein you get in touch with a breeder and not just tell them.

You actually show them all the needful stuff you have bought for your desired African grey parrot. Even though you do not have it quite yet. This is one of the most noble displays of devotion as a prospective African grey pet parent. It clearly indicates that you will spoil the African grey parrot once you own it.

Final Words

Those are the Revealed Secrets to be aware of when searching for an African Grey parrot for sale. Go through our Available Parrot Page to find out if we have parrots ready to go now. In addition, we have a benevolent African Grey Community you would find pleasure engaging with. It’s all about African grey owners being proud African grey parrot Owners like they really should. Therein, we share amazing tips with each other, celebrating holidays, and playing games.

We appreciate you for reading and we say, Thank You! Even if you do not eventually buy your African grey parrot from us. We still wish you the best in your search for an African grey parrot for sale. Once more, Thanks for Reading!!!