Hand-Raised Congo African Grey Parrots, The Cuddly-Trained Loyal Avian Pet and Friend You Need.

Congo African Grey Parrots for Sale in the USA and Worldwide

We are TribeOfunicorn, your trustworthy elite breeder of family-oriented Congo African grey parrots. Moreover, we devote our lives to raising healthy, balanced, and well-mannered African grey parrots for prospective avian pet owners. In addition, our parrots are hand-raised, cuddly-trained and cage-trained.

Genuinely, we love them from the moment they are hatched and we care for them like family members. In essence, this love doesn’t halt when a potential avian pet owner shows up. Above all, we want our African grey parrots to live in forever-loving avian homes in the USA and all around the globe with people who never stop caring for them.

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About Us

Excellence Since The 90's Breeding of the Congo African Grey Parrots

TribeofUnicorn Congo African Grey Parrots is an Online Richmond-based parrot breeding home run by passionate and caring breeders.

Notably, Christopher & Kimberly founded  TribeOfUnicorn hand-raised Congo African grey parrots in 1992. Now, it’s grown to be a renowned African grey breeding home, with the aim to deliver to you the ultimate bird companion. Also, to simplify your desire and journey in obtaining your African grey parrot.

So, with over 25 years of ethical breeding experience, our breeding program has its roots in research and development. In addition, our breeding program lays huge emphasis on training like cage, cuddle, and exercise pieces of training.

As a matter of fact, we guarantee the delivery of your African grey parrot throughout the U.S. and abroad. predominantly by Air Freight and by Road. Continue Reading…





My Posts With Congo African Grey Parrots

Astonishingly, the connectedness and compassion that goes beyond verbal expression. Quite lovely!

Chris & Kimberly 🏅

Founder, TribeOfUnicorn African Greys

African grey parrot example photo



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Chris & Kimberly 🏅

Aww...always special to see these cuties together. It's a diverse and expansive pet family we have here.

Congo African grey Parrots, one of my feed photos



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Chris & Kimberly 🏅

Wow! Quite intrigued by the beauty and aesthetics. Mekky is having a great time out

Congo African grey Parrots, one of my feed photos


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Why Choose Us When Looking for Congo African Grey Parrots

Two-Year Health Guarantee

Essentially, you get a lifetime health guarantee against Sarcocystosis, Psittacosis, Avian-bornavirus, and Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD). In addition, your Congo African grey parrot comes with a Two-Year Health Guarantee, Pedigree of Parents, Health Records, and a Lifetime Genetic Guarantee. Intriguingly, here’s just a fraction of what you will get. There’s more!

Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee

Authentically, we have an Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee. So, inform us if at any time you are not satisfied with the health and quality of your parrot. Demonstratively, we will replace it or refund every cent you have paid. Moreover, our Iron-Clad money-back guarantee is backed by an authorized agreement on terms. So, when you search for a breeder who offers the ideal money-back guarantee on Make sure you choose the right money-back guarantee.

Breeding Experience

Ideally, with our 25 years of breeding experience, we know all there is to know about breeding, raising, and training African grey parrots for sale. Additionally, our breeding program ensures you have the best buying experience. So, in reference to we pay close attention to the behavior and training of our Congo African grey parrots. So, in terms of Cuddle training, Cage training, and sociability, we guarantee impeccable standards. Now, just look at our Testimonials.

Support and Guidance

Traditionally, our Congo African grey parrots come with a starter kit. It includes a basic care guide to help you easily navigate your parrot parenting journey. Unlike other breeders who want to make a sale and then move on with their lives. Contrarily, we ensure our African greys are doing well in their new homes.
By the same token,  we welcome all calls, texts, and emails to answer any questions. Either by text, call, or email. Whichever is most convenient for you. Factually, we are that breeder you can rely on.


What Our Congo African Grey Parrots Clients Are Saying About Us

Realized I am lucky enough to have worked with Chris in my avian pet acquisition process. The guidance, knowledge, and unique understanding I gained have remarkably shaped everything I do with my pet parenting.

-Linda Luchevski

Honestly, I’m short of words to express how happy I am that he got delivered. Having been my first time, it was indeed a scary experience since this is my first time buying an Congo African grey online, not to mention getting it shipped. The African grey arrived safe and sound. We are still thinking of a name.. Lol

-Amanda Grant

Truthfully, Christopher is an absolute legend of an African grey breeder. In a like manner, his pricing and payment plan is outstanding. I’ve got to be honest, he’s a very compassionate and reputable breeder. Highly Recommended.

-Joseph Reknap

African grey parrot example photo

Advantages of Having Congo African Grey Parrots

So, before buying your first Congo African grey parrots for sale. You need to do your proper research and make sure you obtain them from a reputable and experienced breeder. Also, ensure your parrots are proven hand-raised African grey parrots for sale that suit your lifestyle and family.

Worth noting is the fact that having a Congo African grey has some remarkable advantages.
Congo African Grey Parrots Are:

– Inexpensive to feed
– Highly intelligent
– Great therapy
– Increase your well-being
– Easy to Care for
– Lots of fun
– Easy to train
– Indoor friendly
– Very social
– Low maintenance
– Great companions
– Make you laugh

How It Works

Step 1

Click here to visit the available page to view our African grey parrots for sale, ready to go now. Then, select the African grey parrot that is a fit and matches your needs. Thereon, fill out the Parrot-Match Form and submit it. We will review your form and respond with our Screening Test to ensure you are an eligible avian pet parent. Nothing to worry about! Quite simply, our screening test is elementary and straightforward.

Step 2

If you pass our screening process and are eligible to adopt, we will send you the Agreement on Terms for review. So, you will need to fill it out and authorize it. Once that is done, we will make some type of arrangement for your payment. After which you can then proceed to making the payment. Lastly, we will make pickup/shipping arrangements. The whole process of finding African grey parrots for sale just got easier.

Step 3

So, for pickup, you would need to down a $650 Deposit Payment. We accept pickup on Weekends Only. Either Saturday or Sunday. However, only in some very rare cases, we may be able to make an exception and accept pickup on a weekday.

For delivery, it takes approximately 24 to 48 hours for us to make the delivery arrangements. However, if you would prefer a specific date. We would be more than glad to work with that. And lastly, after you receive the parrot. You will be given a duration of 7 days to take the parrot for a vet check.

Beware of Pet Scams

Your Security Matters!! Click here to learn more on How To Avoid Pet Scam When Adopting An African Grey Parrot

Our Complete Congo African Grey Parrots Package

You have been asking for so long. Now, we have a profound Complete African Grey Parrots for Sale Package. Moreover, it has proven over the years to be a wonderfully enjoyable journey for every African grey lover to enjoy. Just like the moon lights up the night, our Congo African grey parrots will illuminate your life when it feels dark. Furthermore, they are so intelligent and will make you laugh.

Our Complete Congo African Grey Parrots for Sale Package includes:

– Your African Grey Match
– Quality Bird Cage
– Toys & Accessories
– Bird PlayStandGym
– Dietary Information
– Bird Seed & Pellets
– After Care Service
– African Grey Care Guide
– Delivery To Your Door

If you’ve ever dreamt of adopting an African grey parrot as a pet without dealing with the horror and torture of pet scams and parrot mills. Then, this presents a wonderful opportunity for you today. One that might just change the trajectory of your own life and that of your family in a radically valuable way. 

Our Congo African Grey Parrots Community

Click here to Join our African grey community and interact with other African grey owners. It is such an amazing experience being the leader of such an empathic and vibrant community. We have lots of fun and look out for each other.

Click Here to Learn More About African Grey Parrot For Sale – Secrets To Know Before Buying. It has some vital information you need to know about African Grey Parrots for Sale.