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African Grey Parrots for Sale. Excellence Since The 90’s

TribeofUnicorn African Grey Parrots for sale is an Online Richmond-based parrot breeding home run by passionate and caring breeders.

My name is Christopher F. Carswell, married with three children, ages 14, 18, and 22. Besides our breeding program, my darling wife, Kim and I also run a food charity that donates food to poor patients and their families. Moreover, our children are also actively involved in our charity work. Ideally, this helps to instill in them the fundamental human values of love, humility, service, empathy, kindness, and gratitude.

Demonstratively, with over 25 years of ethical breeding experience, our breeding program has its roots in research and development. In addition, we lay huge emphasis on training like cage, cuddle, and exercise pieces of training.

Discernibly, we guarantee the safe delivery of African grey parrots for sale throughout the U.S. and abroad. Predominantly by Air Freight and by Road(locally). 

Why We Started TribeOfUnicorn African Grey Parrots for Sale

I was born and raised in an African grey-breeding family. Personally, breeding is a lighthearted hobby developed from the positive impact the African grey had on my life. So, 25 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. Frankly, this was a very devastating period of my life wherein I experienced excruciating pains and almost gave up hope. However, I realized there was a lot more to live for than giving up.

At the time, we had an amusing and solemnly empathetic African grey parrot named, Chicha. In all frankness, the love and empathy I got from Chicha was so enthralling which helped hugely in my healing process.

In good faith, that experience revealed to me how therapeutic is the African grey. By virtue of that revelation, I firmly decided to obtain a breeding license.

Thereon, I have consistently bred African grey parrots from the premise of continual improvement of my breeding program. Additionally, to contribute and serve lovers of this magnificent avian breed. Honestly, it’s been a great pleasure to diligently serve African grey lovers, and it’s been an amazing journey. Overall, I couldn’t wish for a better hobby. Gratitude is the essence!

Our Breeding Program

Traditionally, TribeOfUnicorn African Grey Parrots for Sale is built on research and development of the African Grey species. More so, we believe in creating a solution that guarantees the health, training, diet, and socializing of African greys. Normally, it should not be a stressful experience for your new feathered friend and your family. Chris & I always believe we could do much better for both the parrots and the respective new owners. In view of that fact, it became the premise from which we founded TribeOfUnicorn African grey pet parrots for sale.

Our Complete African Grey Parrots for Sale Package

Presumably, you have been asking for so long and now we have a profound Complete African Grey Parrots for Sale Package. Factually, it has proven over the years to be a wonderfully enjoyable journey for every African grey lover to enjoy. African grey parrots are very intelligent and make you laugh.

Our complete African Grey Parrots for Sale Package includes:

– Your African Grey Match
– Quality Bird Cage
– Toys & Accessories
– Bird PlayStandGym
– Dietary Information
– Bird Seed & Pellets
– After Care Service
– African Grey Care Guide
– Delivery To Your Door

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Our Journey

Wholly, we offer you the breeding service that enables you access to the complete African grey parrot for sale package.
Besides, this is our One-Stop Shop for you.
So, you select your African grey parrots for sale, cage, and more.
We breed beautiful hand-raised, happy, healthy, content, fun-loving parrots for everyone to enjoy. In view of that, we do not have a Pet Shop.  Evidently, we feel the environment is too stressful for the baby parrots.
So, we dedicate major time to our parrots and their babies. In essence, their welfare, maintenance, care, training, and breeding provide that special need for devotion.
Furthermore, our babies are well-adjusted, happy, and emotionally contented and balanced. Moreover, they are ready to bond and gain trust and respect with their new loving family. This is a two-way street. What’s more?

What We Do for You

Observably, a lot of people want companionship, emotional support, and therapy parrots. However, they are unable to have cats or dogs in their homes. So, this led to the revelation that birds were the ideal fit.
TribeOfUnicorn African grey parrots for sale is an ethical breeding service that also ensures home delivery of your parrots. Clearly, you either have the choice to only buy a parrot or you may obtain Our Complete Package.  Distinctly, it gives you the best start possible.
So, we share our expertise in providing the Routine, Dietary, Training Tips, Ideal cage, and Playstand options. Notice you get the best out of your parrot. Moreover, our prices are quite affordable.

Our Passion

Habitually, Our passion for the African grey parrot stems from our years of breeding, handling, and training budgerigars. Actually, our parrot’s diet and care are acutely important. In view of that, they and their babies get fresh nuts, fruits, vegetables, quality Seed, and Murphys Pellets, daily.
Furthermore, our African grey parrots for sale are raised on high-quality Hand Raising Formula. They are fully flighted, will fly to you, step up, and love to be with you. In fact, they are loving, cuddly, playful, cheeky, talk, and will have you laughing out loud daily.

Parrot Boarding Services

As a rule, when you take that well-deserved holiday. We offer Parrot Boarding ongoing help to care for your parrot, cage cleaning, and food orders.

In essence, we service surrounding cities and other nearby states. What’s more,  we freight parrots and products throughout the U.S. African grey parrots are the best pets ever!

Naturally, they are very smart and each one has its own unique personality. Basically, our parrots want to hang out with you as much as possible. Interestingly, you can teach them tricks your own tricks because they are highly learnable. Habitually, they eat most of the same foods as us such as fresh fruit, vegetables, and nuts. African grey parrots are hilarious, loving, and loads of fun. Usually, they will talk, but that also depends on how much you interact with them.

Increase Your Well Being

Primarily, African grey parrots do not require a lot of space. In view of that, they can be kept in apartments or units that are not suitable for other pets. Moreover, they are a great companion and it can be very relaxing to listen to their cheerful trilling, chirping, and talking.

Notably, African grey owners are surprised at how clever their parrots are. Indeed their cheeky antics can be enjoyable to watch. Often, most of our customers have advised us of the love and joy they get from having a parrot.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, many of our customers shared with us how much joy and laughter their African grey parrot brought them.

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Select Your Ideal African Grey

Factually, you will have your African grey for at least 20 years or more. Clearly, you must be prepared and committed to looking after your African grey parrot.

In searching for your first African grey parrots for sale, you must do your research. So, ensure you buy from a reputable breeder with a genuine breeding program. In addition, you need to make sure your parrot has been hand-raised. Furthermore, ensure you get a health guarantee from the breeder. Axiomatically, the goal is to buy an African grey that suits your family and lifestyle.

Do not choose an African grey because someone recommended you buy them without due diligence.

We have a fervent cultural value to protect the interest of African grey lovers. Importantly, when searching for African grey parrots for sale, we are aware that your safety needs to be protected. Without further ado. Click here to read this compelling and intriguing post and Learn More about How To Avoid Pet Scam When Adopting An African Grey Parrot

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Why Choose Us When Looking for Your African Grey

Two-Year Health Guarantee

Essentially, you get a lifetime health guarantee against Sarcocystosis, Psittacosis, Avian-bornavirus, and Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD). In addition, your African grey parrot comes with a Two-Year Health Guarantee, Pedigree of Parents, Health Records, and a Lifetime Genetic Guarantee. Intriguingly, here’s just a fraction of what you will get. There’s more!

Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee

Authentically, we have an Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee. So, inform us if at any time you are not satisfied with the health and quality of your parrot. Demonstratively, we will replace it or refund every cent you have paid. Moreover, our Iron-Clad money-back guarantee is backed by an authorized agreement on terms. So, when you search for a breeder who offers the ideal money-back guarantee on Google.com. Make sure you choose the right money-back guarantee.

Breeding Experience

Ideally, with our 25 years of breeding experience, we know all there is to know about breeding, raising, and training African grey parrots for sale. Additionally, our breeding program ensures you have the best buying experience. So, in reference to beautyofbirds.com we pay close attention to the behavior and training of our African grey parrots for sale. So, in terms of Cuddle training, Cage training, and sociability, we guarantee impeccable standards. Now, just look at our Testimonials.

Support and Guidance

Traditionally, our grey African parrot for sale comes with a starter kit. It basically includes a basic care guide to help you navigate your parrot parenting journey with ease. Unlike other breeders who just want to make a sale and then move on with their lives. Contrarily, we ensure our African greys are doing well in their new homes.
By the same token,  we welcome all calls, texts, and emails to answer any questions you may have. Either by text, call, or email. Whichever is most convenient for you. Factually, we are that breeder you can rely on.