Curious to learn how to avoid pet scam when buying an African grey parrot? Well, it turns out that over 5,000 avian pet lovers have now adopted this revelatory guide. Presumably, this might be your unique opportunity to learn how to avoid pet scam and the torture of becoming a victim.

Undoubtedly, the African grey parrot is one of the planet’s most adorable and intelligent parrot breeds. Consequently, the demand for skillfully bred African greys has gone through the roof. It’s a great experience for avian lovers to have an African grey as a companion, emotional support, or a therapy parrot. Apparently, owning one is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things you can do. Likewise, it’s a way to have a meaningful life and develop a sense of joy about its impact on you.

However, this presents a BIG PROBLEM…There are exponential amounts of online pet scams.

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Why Publishing This Information?

So, think of a time you or someone you know tried adopting an African grey online. However, ended up losing time and money to pet scams. Painful, wasn’t it?

Truth is, being ripped off by pet scams is a horrible situation. As a consequence, it puts you and your family in very terrifying financial and emotional conditions. Often, this may be extremely difficult to completely heal and recover from. As a parrot lover, all you ever wanted was the genuine chance to adopt one with whom to share a happy pet life.

Evidently, there are many unethical people online claiming to help aspiring African grey pet parents adopt healthy parrots. Whereas, they are only trying to profit from the growth in the demand for African grey parrots. The fact is that these are criminals who are only trying to rip you off.

Nonetheless, the good news is that I am here to put a stop to that… My mission is to help sensitize avian lovers to learn how to avoid pet scam when buying an African grey parrot.

Mission to Educate on How to Avoid Pet Scam

The primary goal is to educate more avian lovers on how to avoid pet scam. Look, I have been involved in the African grey breeding sector since the late 1990s. That was way before it was common to be an African grey breeder. Even before the African grey breed was in demand and booming like it is now.

Together with my wife, Kimberly, our breeding program has won awards for ethical breeding services (more on that shortly). And have been involved in the sector as a proactive breeder and trainer of breeders for decades. It’s also a passion to train other breeders. To touch and impact lives by helping them develop the skills to be able to set breeding standards. So, it’s painful to see imposters and opportunists jumping in and taking advantage of innocent African grey lovers and enthusiasts.

That is why our team has been working tirelessly to create a remarkable awareness for African grey parrot lovers.

how to avoid pet scam

Beware of Pet Scam

When looking online for an African grey parrot, chances are you will find a pet scam. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) estimates that 80 percent of sponsored search links for parrots may be fraudulent. Advertising parrots the supposed sellers do not own. Being a victim of it is one thing I would never wish for anyone. Mindful of that, it’s important to create the necessary awareness and guidelines to avoid such parrot scams. You may understand our mission to save the African grey breeding sector from greedy predators. And continue to provide world-class African grey parrot breeding services without the sky-high fees.

But how do you identify parrot scams?

How Do You Spot a Pet Scammer

Unsurprisingly, pet scammers have been around since the dawn of time. Taking advantage of trusting individuals off their hard-earned money. In the age of the internet, scamming has taken on a whole new and more dangerous identity. So, it’s necessary to provide supportive awareness to pet lovers on how to avoid the torture of pet scams. 

How Do You Catch a Scammer?

Apparently, your best bet for catching a scammer is to instantly quit all communications with them. Notably, no one wants to be in communication with a dangerous criminal, do you? Moreover, a simple trick is to carry out a reserve image search of their profile picture. So, if it’s linked to varying names, it’s most probably a scam.

What is an Example of a Pet Scam?

Usually, a pet scammer gives a free pet promise but requests that you pay the shipping fee. Once you accept and pay the requested “shipping fee”, the pet scammer perpetually says your pet is stuck at the airport. Consequently, they will request that you send more money for that to be cleared off. Once you send the money, the pet scammers disappear. Importantly, your ideal option is to ensure you only buy your pet from a reputable breeder.
In all frankness, our breeding program ensures your safety is guaranteed when buying an African grey parrot from us.

Tip on How to Avoid Pet Scam and the Torture of Becoming a Victim

It’s very important that you keenly follow the subsequent guidelines to avoid pet scams. Without taking much time, let us delve into the 7 revealed secrets on how to escape the horror of pet scams.

Ready? Let’s get started!


  • Ensure you do proper research to get a sense of a fair price for the pet you are considering. If someone advertises a pet for free or at a hugely discounted price, make certain that you think twice before acting. It could be a fraudulent offer.
  • Be guaranteed to do your research. It is safe to only buy from a reputable breeder. Click here to contact a reputable African grey breeder.
  • Ask for multiple pictures of the pet. Ask for the phone number of the person selling the pet, and the veterinary clinic the pet has been to. If the seller won’t provide the number, or if they are not US numbers, this is probably a scam. If they do give the phone number, call and ask questions.
  • Don’t rush to buy a pet without seeing it in person. Meet the breeder, and evaluate the facility.
  • If the seller says they are in a particular state but asks you to send money elsewhere, especially another country, avoid it.
  • It should be a red flag if e-mail communications have broken English or very poor grammar.
  • Don’t trust a seller who pushes for the sale to happen quickly by saying they are moving. And have to get rid of the pet ASAP. Claiming they can’t take care of the pet anymore or that harm may come to the pet.

Bonus Tips

  • Avoid wiring money, or using a money order or gift card. These payment methods offer no way to get your money back if you are the victim of fraud.
  • If the seller says they are in a particular state but asks you to send money elsewhere, especially another country, avoid it.
  • If the seller/breeder is not located in the US, avoid it.
  • Ponder reaching out to a local animal shelter. Many shelters are looking for fosters to help relieve animal stress and reduce overcrowding at their facilities.
how to avoid pet scam

How Do I Report a Pet Scammer?

Alleviating pet scams is a very tedious task that requires the collective efforts of pet lovers and breeders. Many reputable breeders have been working very hard to create outstanding awareness across pet communities. As a pet lover, it’s necessary that you help in spreading the awareness even further. If you think you have been scammed or have found a suspicious website, please, feel free to Contact Us to report it.

If you are looking to adopt a healthy and well-trained African grey parrot from a reputable breeder. I have good news for you. Our cutting-edge breeding program offers you the most ideal opportunity to maintain safety while adopting your parrot. Benefit now from our benevolent Complete Parrot Package. Click here or on the image below to check out our available African grey parrots page to find out if we have parrots ready to go.

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Thank you for reading! Even if you do not eventually buy your African grey parrot from us. If you ever need guidance and tips for your African grey parrot, we are predisposed to help. We wish you the best and hope the guidelines you have read will give you a jump-start. Once more, stay blessed, and thanks for reading!

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