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Our community makes it possible for companion bird lovers of the African grey parrot to commune and share their respective experiences with the African grey parrot. This also involves sharing important tips on basic care, feeding, or primarily, anything to help and be of service to one another.
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That special moment when I noticed my angel having her lone basketball game time...lol

Wow! incredibly astounding.

Interestingly, my lovely female African grey parrots do this too. One evening, my husband and I walked in from the garden and she was just there busy with her basketball game, totally unaware of our presence. Quite remarkable to experience such wonderful flow-based states with an African grey parrot. I reckon that African grey parrots are indeed the best.

Manuela Steele:
Her beautiful color and the couch have matching orders, how excellent.

Florence The African Grey Mom:
I’m urged to believe this little girl is richly spoilt, see how calm, peaceful, and blissful she is.

Jessica Santilo

Moments like this are quite sensual, and words aren’t just enough to express the elation that comes with moments like this. I’m sure other African grey pet parents could testify.

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Most Enthralling Parrot Of The Month

This pretty angel was voted as this month’s most fabulous African grey parrot. As standard procedure permits, she’s been sent some beautiful gifts such as play toys, treats, and parrot clothes, which are all gifted by our community members.

What Makes Our Community Fun?

  • You get the privilege to interact with other community members in your local area for play dates with your African grey parrots.
  • Want a new African grey parrot? Well, maybe one of the community members has a new batch available. Endeavor to ask if you could get one.
  • In addition, we’ve created a very conducive atmosphere to exchange gifts and celebrate various holidays. Reach out to us to get more information.
  • Furthermore, we have a solemn cultural value to look out for each other. Should a community member be in an unprecedented unfortunate event where your parrot has a health emergency whose cost you can’t afford, we have the proclivity to make contributions to help. However, it’s not mandatory. Nonetheless, our community is full of kind-hearted people who have the awareness of the relevance of solidarity and harmony.
  • In need of someone to cater for your parrot while you are awat? Simply ask a community member for help.
  • On the subject of code of conduct, we ensure we all adhere to safety guideless and rules
  • Moreover, among us are law enforcement agents such as county sheriff as well as compasionate vets in our community. They all operate as consultants.

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  • You must own an African grey parrot.
  • Your application must be approved by at least 40 community members.
  • To ensure that our community remains a safe space. We always do a background check on new applicants.

Note: We reserve the rights to decline any applicant or ban a community member at any point.
If they go against community guidelines and rules. We do not permit nudity, racism, bullying, and obscene language or images. Keeping our community safe is a joint effort.

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