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Prior to adopting an african grey parrot, my primary reservation was based on the premise that the African grey parrot may have incidences of Circovirus (PBFD virus). However, their personalities seem to be a bigger problem. Many, of course not all but many African grey parrots could be unpredictable with behavioral issues like fearfulness, feather picking, and aggression. But Christopher’s reputable breeding program did justice to that and made all the difference regarding health and training. Getting one of his lovely African greys opened up an infinite number of ways for me to get the pet life I want, right now, today, and in the future. I would highly recommend Christopher’s African grey breeding program to anyone in search of a happier pet life. Thank You!

-Angelina Soucet.

I’m innately a pet loving person with dog, cats, but the feeling that comes with owning a cuddly trained African grey parrot from Christopher is stupendously astounding. I didn’t have any African grey parrot owners around me, however, I received a pertinently profound pet guide booklet from Christopher, which guided me on getting my African grey readily adapted to its new environment. I frequently reached out to Chris for more breeder’s guidance and he’s always compassionate about helping me out, satisfactorily. My African grey is 8 years old now, and I’m really happy about my decision. You have to be very patient with them, so, make sure you have that in you to take the time and attention for them

-Frank Rousante.

“It’s been over 8 months which i have been searching for a Jack Russell puppy. After talking to so many different breeders I just did not feel that connection until I contacted Christopher. What intrigued me was his fervent desire to understand my pet needs and seeking ways to properly match them with a remarkable pet solution. That made a huge difference. It is nice how much time he puts into raising them properly. Glad I got my baby from him.”

-Mariah Townsend

Realized I am lucky enough to have worked with Chris in my pet bird acquisition process. The guidance, knowledge, and unique understanding I gained have remarkably shaped everything I do with my pet parenting.

-Linda Luchevski

Honestly, I’m short of words to express how happy I am that he got delivered. Having been my first time, it was indeed a scary experience since this is my first time buying an African grey online, not to mention getting it shipped. The African grey arrived safe and sound. We are still thinking of a name.. Lol

-Amanda Grant

Truthfully, Christopher is an absolute legend of an African grey breeder. In a like manner, his pricing and payment plan is outstanding. I’ve got to be honest, he’s a very compassionate and reputable breeder. Highly Recommended.

-Joseph Reknap

At Just $888.00, You Can Get The African Grey Parrot Of Your Dreams. Especially Considering This No-Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee…

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