Curious to learn how to avoid Parrot mills when buying your ideal African grey parrot? Carefully read through the tips herein to avoid the horror of becoming a victim. Literally, parrot mills are commercial parrot breeding facilities characterized by quick breeding and poor conditions.  Notably, to leverage the high demand for African greys, they churn out the most parrots at the least cost.

As a consequence, the inhumane breeding conditions of parrot mills are a danger to pet-loving families. Moreover, their parrots are often kept in deplorable conditions with little or no socializing, exercise, or veterinary care. So, learning these exposed secrets puts you on the safe side of the angels.

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Why Should You Avoid Parrot Mills?

Fairly, there are obvious reasons to avoid parrot mills. Importantly, the substandard breeding conditions lead to health and behavioral problems for the parrots bred there. More so, since the 1980s, Humane Society of the United States has been fighting to shut down these unethical facilities. So far, they have been successful in shutting down some of the worst ones. However, they continue to fight for stricter laws and regulations. Factually, it is wrong to support these inhumane and malpractices that violate ethical norms. Not to mention the negative impact it has on the health and wellness of the parrots. Now, let us examine the behavioral and health problems caused by parrot mills.

Behavior Issues outlines the negative behavioral effects of parrots that are not well-bred. For instance, these parrots are poorly socialized. In view of that, they are likely fearful or aggressive without adequate human interaction. Furthermore, they struggle to adjust to life in a new home. As opposed to parrots from a reputable breeder, they require more patience and training. More so, they may not know how to interact with other pets or children. Actually, this can cause problems when brought to a new family. Hence, behavioral issues like feather picking, fearfulness, and aggression may arise as a consequence of anxieties.

Health Problems

Sadly, parrot mills have little or no regard for genetic defects, which are commonly passed on to the baby parrots. Most probably, the parrots are likely to have nasal blockages by bacteria or fungi. Usually, this is apparent until they reach adulthood. As a result, they are likely to be sick with parasites when adopted. Eventually, this causes you a high level of stress worrying about your parrot’s health due to extra required care. More so, health issues like hypocalcemia syndrome, respiratory diseases., Circovirus and proventricular dilatation disease are common. In addition, the parrot mill’s parrots suffer from malnutrition. Therefore, being on the safe side means staying away and avoid parrot mills.

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Tips on How to Avoid Mills

Most definitely, before adopting your African grey parrot, you need to do some proper research to enable you to make an informed buying decision. By the same token, you would become aware of how to avoid parrot mills when searching.

Avoid Parrot Mills - Ensure You Only Adopt From a Reputable Breeder

Provenly, buying an African grey parrot from a reputable breeder has many benefits. Normally, there are numerous finely bred African grey parrots waiting to be adopted. In all fairness, these parrots are bred by reputable breeding facilities nationwide. So, when you adopt your parrot from such trusted facilities, you escape the health and behavioral burdens of parrot mills. Traditionally, parrot mills are cruel and inhumane facilities that should be avoided at all costs. Moreover, when you adopt from a reputable breeding home. Quite simply you are sure to bring home a happy, healthy parrot. Thus, your safest route is to avoid parrots mills.

Parrot Mills Have No a Screening Process

Logically, since their aim is to get your hard-earned money, they have no screening process. Contrary to reputable breeders who want to know more about your experience with parrots. Demonstratively, they want to know about your living conditions and whether or not you have other pets. They would need you to visit their breeding facility. As such, you meet them in person before they sell their parrot to you. Frankly, if a breeder does not screen you or ask any questions about your home. In all likelihood, they may not be invested in the welfare of their parrots. And clearly, they may be operating a parrot mill.

Parrot Mills Have Unclean and Unhealthy Parrots

As often noted, parrot mills are not invested in the wellness of their parrots. For the most part, their parrots are bred in unhygienic conditions, which makes them appear unclean and unhealthy. Hence, your best bet to avoid parrot mills is to be keenly observant of the hygienic nature of the parrot.

Parrots Not Vaccinated - Avoid Parrot Mills

Practically, vaccination is a very crucial aspect of the health of an African grey parrot. However, parrot mills breed huge amounts of unvaccinated parrots to capitalize on the massive demands. As such, they do not have the discipline to vaccinate their numerous parrots. They barely care about the health of the parrot because the health burdens are passed on to the buyer. Isn’t that enough reason for you to avoid parrot mills?

Parrot's Parents Not Present

Unethically, these breeders are discreet in their operations. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t allow you to meet the parents of their parrots because of their poor living conditions. And they do not even grant you access to their other parrots from the same parents.

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Adopting From a Reputable Breeder, Say No to & Avoid Parrot Mills

Intuitively, adopting a new pet is an exciting experience. You want to ensure you have the best possible adoption experience. Thus, you need to do your research and avoid cutting corners during the adoption process. Even so, your best bet is to avoid parrot mills by finding a reputable breeder. Right now, the question is; how do you identify an ethical and reputable breeder with healthy African grey parrots for sale?
Commonly, an ethical breeder attentively listens to understand your needs and challenges. Additionally, they collaborate through discussion to diffuse those challenges. Purposefully, they tend to contribute the most valuable pet acquisition solution to you. Hence, they put service over money and ensure you are the top priority.

Revealed Signs of a Reputable Breeder, the Need to Avoid Parrot Mills

Indeed, there are many reputable African grey parrot breeders out there. Predominantly, they properly cater to the welfare of their parrots. Now, here are some revealed signs someone is a reputable breeder.

They Ask You Lots of Questions

Essentially, ethical breeders ask many important questions. In addition, they want to know about your experience with parrots and other pets. Overall, they ensure their parrots go into a pet-friendly and loving home where they are loved and cared for.

Breeder Provides Medical Records

Necessarily, a reputable breeder has the responsibility to provide the parrot’s medical records to you. This includes information about their shots and health history. Clearly, this helps you feel confident about adopting a healthy parrot.

They Show You the Parrot’s Parents

Above all, a responsible breeder wants you to meet the parrots and their parents, and see how they are kept.. Also, to feel the energy of the breeding facility, and further learn about the cultural values of their breeding program. By the same token, this gives you insights into what the parrot’s living conditions look like. It also helps you to make sure that the parents are healthy and well-cared for.

There is a Waiting List

An ethical breeder has a waiting list for their parrots. Usually, they carefully screen their buyers. Moreover, they want to guarantee that their parrots go to avian-loving homes.

In Need of a Reputable Breeder? Say Goodbyes to Parrot Mills

Fundamentally, you now have the guidelines to avoid the torture of parrot mills. Most of all, the impression is that you are equipped to make an informed buying decision. Now, are you looking for a reputable African grey breeder? The good news is you should consider buying one from our breeding program. Hindsight is your safest route to avoid parrot mills. Without further below, click here to check our Available Parrots, ready to go now.

Parrot Mills Guide

Ideal Solution to Adopt Your African Grey Parrot, No More Parrot Mills

In essence, our breeding program is a community of over 139 trained breeders nationwide. Principally, our collective goal is to ensure every avian-lover adopts a healthy and well-trained pet. Above all, this helps you to live an exciting life with your pet bird. Join the thousands of parrot lovers nationwide who have adopted their parrot puppies from our cutting-edge breeding program. Whilst the asking price is within your reach, meantime, here are the benefits of adopting from us. Your better chance to avoid parrot mills.

Why Choose Us? Undeniable Proof With the Mission to Disrupt & Avoid Parrot Mills

Principally, the skyrocketing demand for African grey parrots has led to many imposters jumping into the sector. So, how do you know we are not one? Truthfully, no matter how small, you should not spend anything without due diligence. Firstly, let me put your mind even more at ease in a moment. Then, remove any risks with you adopting your parrot from us.

Fundamentally, for the last decade, our team has put in remarkable research to improve our breeding program. Demonstratively, a lot of DNA test improvements have been carried out to ensure we breed the finest African grey parrots. Not to mention the commitment to consistently improve the health and training of our parrots. See how you can literally avoid parrot mills and stay safe?

What Do We Offer

When you buy an African grey parrot from us, there is much to benefit. Firstly, our Complete African Grey for sale package which includes:

  • Quality bird cage, toys, and accessories, bird play stand gym.
  • Dietary information, bird seed and pellets, aftercare service
  • You will get an African grey care guide and delivery to your door.

Interestingly, this is just a fraction of what you will get. Most of all, your parrot comes along with the following:

  • A Two-Year Health Guarantee
  • Pedigree of Parents
  • Lifetime Genetic Guarantee.

So Much More?

Habitually, we want you to buy a healthy pet at the most affordable price. Routinely, we have an in-demand discount with a cutting-edge, convenient payment plan.
In addition, we have an Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee. So, inform us if at any time you are not satisfied with the health and quality of your parrot. First and foremost, we will replace it or refund every cent you have paid.

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You can take a zero-risk chance on this exciting new adventure as an African grey lover. Becoming an African grey parrot owner could bring a wonderful psycho-emotional balance to your life. In essence, that could further change your own life in a radically valuable way.

The Choice is Yours

You can choose to do nothing. Alternatively, spending the money on something else and Missing Out on a new avian pet. A properly trained African grey parrot that will last at least two decades. See how that works?

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