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Gina, The Queen

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Quick Details

Breed: Congo African Grey

Gender: Male

Price: $888

Age: 5 Months

Trainings: Cage-Trained, Cuddly-Trained & Word-Mimicking-Trained

Eligibility: Fit for Companionship, Emotional Support, and Therapy

Status: Available

About Me

Gina is a gorgeous hand-raised African grey parrot with a sweet soul. Primarily, she’s very affectionate, kind, and full of life and energy when playing with the rest of the family. Notably, in a moment where she feels safe, she’d stretch out comfortably, requesting some nice cuddling. She’s fit for companionship, emotional support, and therapy. Gina is now ready to join her new avian-loving and caring home.

Adoption Procedure

Send an Inquiry by completing the Parrot Match Form, and submitting it. We’ll have you complete the Simple Screening Test.

So, we will review your form and respond with our Screening Test to ensure you are an eligible avian pet parent. Nothing to worry about! Interestingly, our screening test is Simple and Easy.

Pick Up & Delivery

For pickup, you would need to down a $650 Deposit Payment. We accept pickup on Weekends Only. Either Saturday or Sunday. However, only in some very rare cases, we may be able to make an exception and accept pickup on a weekday.
For delivery, it takes approximately 24 to 48 hours for us to make the delivery arrangements. However, if you would prefer a specific date. We would be more than glad to work with that. And lastly, after you receive the parrot. You will be given a duration of 7 days to take the parrot for a vet check.

Agreement on Terms & Payment

If you pass our screening process and are eligible, we will send you the Agreement on Terms for review. So, you will need to fill it out and authorize it. Once that is done, we will make some type of arrangement for your payment. After which you can then proceed to making the payment. Furthermore, we will make Pickup/Shipping Arrangements. The whole process of finding African grey parrots for sale just got easier.
For payment, we accept payment through Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gift Cards, and more.


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